It all started when...

NOSH Market was inspired as corporate travel demanded we crisscross the country. As executives in the event industry, we spent more time in hotel beds than our own, countless hours trapped in airports and logged hundreds of miles of driving time. During that time we experienced a lot of good and bad snacks in our quest to find better choices in airports, hotels and restaurants. After days of travel with limited access to better food choices - NOSH Market was born. 

We're a yin and yang pair. A Scorpio and an Aquarius. An urban professional and a working mom. We don't have enough time for ourselves and we don't have time to waste on bad snacks!

We decided to bring NOSH Market to our hometown, the city we love, Chicago. Chicago is the place we launched our careers and combined we have nearly 40 years of event experience in conferences, consumer and specialty trade events. We've worked on hundreds of events in countless industries and we're thrilled to be able to use our expertise to help food brands share their stories with Chicago's hungry masses!

Want to know more about what we believe makes a great snack? Check out our value statement, which leads us in everything we do.