A Sophisticated Audience of 20,000

Showcase your brand to sophisticated consumer audience of young professionals, families, food and fitness enthusiasts, trade professionals including distributors and buyers from large chains and independent stores, press and Investors who have their pulse on Chicago’s vibrant and booming food start-up environment and social media influencers focused on food, health and wellness.

Audience Breakdown.png

Audience Breakdown

Consumers are the focus at NOSH Market. This is your opportunity to impact thousands of highly influential consumers throughout the Chicagoland area.

Trade attendees, including buyers and distributors, social influencers and investors round out the attendees. 

Our Marketing reach

With a robust multi-channel marketing plan, NOSH Market will attract a broad audience from the Chicagoland area through extensive public relations, social media and influencer marketing, advertising, environmental campaigns, email marketing and a strong partnership program reaching hundreds of Chicago gyms and wellness centers.

  • Influencer Program: Reaching a broad pool of powerful influencers via dedicated outreach and an exclusive preview event
  • Public Relations: Experienced public relations team delivers coverage broadly via print and television
  • Social Media: An aggressive social media campaign targets carefully selected personas to drive traffic to NOSH
  • Email Marketing: A rapidly growing email marketing list provides opportunities to reach our audience with your new products
  • Environmental Marketing: Visibility across Chicago on taxi tops and in other critical areas
  • Partnership Program: Our wide-reaching partnership program targets fitness & wellness enthusiasts directly at their gyms and studios

NOSH Market has a clear and targeted focus designed to attract:


The Young Professional

97% of young professionals eat a snack instead of breakfast, lunch or dinner at least once per week.

Credit: Welch’s Global Ingredients Group

The Urban Mom

Parents are willing to pay an average of $1.53 more for a better-for-you snack if they know their child will eat it. Parents that make less than $75,000 per year are as willing to pay more for healthier snacks as those that make more than $75,000.

82% of parents purchased at least one new better-for-you snack in the last month.

Credit: Amplify Snack Brands and The Center for Generational Kinetics

The Successful Professional

The 30-50 age group cooks at home more often, talks to friends about food, and watches food shows on TV about four times a month. Also, about half say they buy organic foods at least some of the time and prefer to have fresh and healthy snack options available.

Credit: The Hartman Group


The Boutique Wellness Lover

A growing segment is willing to spend heavily on fitness, abandoning $30-a-month gyms for trendy studios where classes for cycling, boot camp or yoga can run $30 a session.

Credit: The LA Times


The Crossfit Enthusiast

By the numbers, CrossFit  is possibly the biggest fitness trend in the world. CrossFit has 13,000 gyms in more than 120 countries, up from just 13 in 2005. That's more than the 12,521 Starbucks  locations in the United States. Its direct rival, Planet Fitness, has just 1,124 locations.

Credit: CNBC