May the Fourth Be With You

It's a national holiday today - May 4th - officially known as Star Wars Day! What is it about Star Wars that manages to inspire millions of people year after year? From grown adults to preschoolers, there is a magic in this complicated story of darkness and light that we all recognize. Or maybe its just the reminder to recognize the power we all carry within - either way - today we ALL get to be Jedis. 

Here at HMR, we celebrate all things magic, mystical and otherwise so Star Wars is totally our jam. BUT this isn't your ordinary Star Wars gift guide. Here's the HMR guide to everything extraordinary about the force.

1) For the Old School Star Wars Fan in the Family

Do you remember watching that text slow crawl across the screen? The music rising to a crescendo as the iconic logo lands on the big movie screen. You can hear it can't you? Well, Sperry nails that memory with this incredible homage.

Available in men's and women's sizes and currently on sale!

$58.99 at Sperry

2) For Keeping Cool on Tatooine and in the Backyard

Can you imagine how hot it is inside that Stormtrooper gear? And let's not even talk about Darth Vader's all black ensemble in the desert sun. Keep every member of your army cool with these awesome ice pop molds. 

Star Wars Pop Molds - $24.95 at Williams-Sonoma

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker by ThinkGeek from$39.99 at

3) Better Than a Tauntaun for Keeping Your Kiddo Warm

Science has already proven that Han's trick with the Tauntaun wouldn't have helped our friend Luke. Luckily Gap has a better way for you to keep you kiddos both warm and extra cute on this May 4th. 

Star Wars shawl zip cardigan - $49.95 at

4) Build or Build Not. There is No Try, 

Don't let Yoda down. Build his hut on Dagobah so you can train Luke. Patience you must have, young padawan. But it'll totally be worth it. 

Yoda's Hut - $29.95 from

5) Get Ready for the MOST EPIC May the Fourth Be With You BBQ

Ready to show off to friends and neighbors? We're got the gear for a real rager - Star Wars style. From grills to gear - this list will have you covered. 

Broil Chef Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill - $269.00 at

Star Wars Light Saber Spatula - $22.99 at                                                                   

6) For Your Love

When you have a epic love story (with a happier ending) like Han and Leia.


Star Wars Cufflinks - $65.00 at

7) Let BB-8 Keep You Cozy

Looking to stay warm during the chilly spring weather. Iconic textile company Pendleton has the perfect solution. 


Pendleton Limited Edition Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 Throw Blanket - $249.00 at

8) Rep the Empire all over town

Darth will have your back- or be on your back - all over town with this awesome pack from STATE. Even better, and quite unlike the dark lord, STATE's Give. Back. Pack. Program gives backpacks full of essential tools to American children in need


Darth Vader Back Pack from STATE Bags - $195.00 at Nordstrom's

9) R2D2 Doesn't even have a knee to get down on

If you really want to impress the Star Wars obsessed lady in your life. Get down on one knee with this stunner from DeMerJewelry.. You are guarentee she'll be the only bride with this original work on her finger. 

R2D2 engagement ring in hypoallergenic grey gold with diamonds and very fine blue sapphires.from DeMerJewelry - $8,409.00 on Etsy

10) here's my rent, lord vader

Sign you next rent check over to the leader of the alliance with this limited edition pen created especially by DuPont for Disney.